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Varahi Shodasa Namavali in English – 16 Names of Varahi Devi

Varahi Shodasa Namavali lyrics or 16 names of Varahi DeviPin

Varahi Shodasa Namavali is the 16 names of Goddess Varahi Devi. Get Sri Varahi Shodasa Namavali in English Pdf Lyrics here and chant it for the grace of Goddess Varahi Devi.

Varahi Shodasa Namavali in English – 16 Names of Varahi Devi 

Om Sri Brihat Varahyai Namah
Om Sri Moola Varahyai Namah
Om Sri Swapna Varahyai Namah
Om Sri Uchishta Varahyai Namah
Om Sri Wardali Varahyai Namah
Om Sri Bhuvana Vaarahyai Namah
Om stambhana varahyai namah
Om Bandhana Varahyai Namah
Om panchami pvarahyai namah
Om Bhakta Varahyai Namah | 10 |
Om Shri Mantrini Varahyai Namah
Om Sri Dandini Vaarahyai Namah
Om asva ruda varahyai namah
Om Mahisha Vahana Varahyai Namah
Om Simha Vahana Varahyai Namah
Om maha varahyai namo namah | 16 |

ithi sri varahi shodasa namavali sampurnam ||

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