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Paluke Bangaramayena lyrics in English – Song & Meaning

Paluke Bangaramayena Lyrics TeluguPin

Paluke Bangaramayena is a popular keerthana on lord Rama. It was composed by Bhakta Ramadasu, who is an ardent devotee of Lord Rama. Paluke Bangaramayena song from the movie Telugu devotional movie Ramadasu (2006) is very popular. Get Paluke Bangaramayena lyrics in English here, understand its meaning and chant it with devotion.

Paluke Bangaramayena Lyrics in English 


palukē baṅgāramāyēnā kōdaṇḍapāṇi
|| palukē ||


palukē baṅgāramayē pilicina palukavēmi
kalalō nī nāmasmaraṇa marava cakkani taṇḍri
|| palukē ||


iravūga isukalōna pōralīna uḍuta bhaktiki
karuṇiñci brōcitivani nēranammitini taṇḍri
|| palukē ||

rātinātiga jēsi bhūtalamuna
prakhyāti jēnditivani prītitō nammiti taṇḍri
|| palukē ||

ēnta vēḍina gāni suntaina daya rādu
pantamu sēya nēnēntaṭi vāḍanu taṇḍri
|| palukē ||

śaraṇāgatatrāṇa birudāṅkituḍavu gādā
karuṇiñcu bhadrācalavara rāmadāsa pōṣa
|| palukē ||

Paluke Bangaramayena Lyrics Meaning 


Your words have become as rare as gold, O one who wields the divine Kodanda bow in your hand, your words have become as rare as gold,


Your words have become as rare as gold, and you refuse to say anything even if I call unto you,
Even in my dreams, I cannot forget the chanting of your name, O beautiful father of mine

Charanam 1

For the devotion shown by a squirrel rolling in the sand (to help you build the Rama Setu bridge)
you mercifully showered grace on it, I believed this about you staunchly… O father

Charanam 2

By changing a stone into a woman (Ahalya), in this world
you became famous, I believed this about you with great love… O father

Charanam 3

No matter how much I plead with you, why do I not see even a small amount of compassion from you?
To be obstinate with me like this, how much of a creature do you think I am O father

Charanam 4

“Refuge of the needy”, isn’t that the title you have been conferred with
Show mercy, O protector of Bhadrachala Ramadasa

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